Time & Temperature Announcements

PlayoutONE Pro has the ability to automatically announce the current time (HH:MM) and current temperature, however it does rely on a a couple of requisites being setup first.

1. OpenWeatherMap Subscription

Sign up for a free  Open Weather Map account. Once setup, go to your account settings and copy your API Key.

2. PlayoutONE Monitor

PlayoutONE Monitor is a free application that is included within the PlayoutONE Suite. Once installed, click the Weather & Social tab from the settings menu and paste your API Key from OpenWeatherMap.
Search for your City and select from the drop down menu and finally turn on the service.

3. Cart Numbers

Ensure you have the correct Time and Temperature announcements on the following cart numbers for PlayoutONE Pro to pick from.
All time and temperature carts can be found on this link

4. Time & Temperature Commands

Once the following steps have been completed, you can then insert or schedule a Time Announcement Command and Temperature command. Time commands will play the Hour Cart followed by the minute Cart depending on the air time upon broadcast of the command. 

The temperature command will play the relevant temperature cart depending on the value of the temperature. 

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