Downloading Files With Changing Dates In Filename

When downloading files for a weekly show from an FTP Site or Folder, the provider may name the files with the dates in.

To make sure you download the correct files we can use DATE Tags in the FileCopy filename.

Setting The Filename

For our example in this tutorial we are going to use the filename: backtothe80s_20180126_part1.mp3
We next need to work out the date format for this filename. So let's break it down.
2018 = Year 01 = Month 26 = Day

Using the chart below we can replace the date with the standard date format surrounded by curly tags { }.

Year = yyyy
Month = MM  
Day = dd

(See all date formats here)

Therefore the filename to download will be: backtothe80s_{yyyyMMdd}_part1.mp3
(Please note you need the curly tags { } around the date format)

Setting The Date Add For {Tags} Value

The next value we need to set is the 'Date Add For {Tags}' setting. This setting sets the date in the filename.

For this example we download the file on 25th January but the filename we are looking for is 26th January. We therefore need to set the 'Date Add For {Tags}' value to 1 so that it adds 1 day onto today.

If we were downloading the file on 20th January then we would need to set the  'Date Add For {Tags}' value to 6

If we were downloading the file 3 days before the file date then we we would set the  'Date Add For {Tags}' value to 3

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