Daylight Savings With PlayoutONE

To deal with Daylight Savings In PlayoutONE follow the guide below:

Autumn Fallback

  • Clocks fallback at 01:59:59 to 01:00:00
  • Remove all Time markers and RunToTime commands in the 01:00 Hour.
  • Your Music Scheduling software should create two hours worth of content in the 01:00 playlist. PlayoutONE will then happily play the contents of the 0100 playlist as normal.
  • If using AutoDJ then it will automatically reselect your 0100 hour when the clocks fallback.

Spring Forward

  • Clocks spring forward at 01:59:59 to 03:00:00
  • Therefore your Music Scheduling software should not schedule a 02:00 playlist. This allows PlayoutONE to skip over the 02:00:00 naturally into the 03:00:00 hour.
  • If using AutoDJ then it will automatically select your 0300 hour when the clocks spring forward at 01:59:59

Using Music1? 

Find out how to accomplish the above by reading this blog post from Steve Warren. 

Using Music Master?

Music Master doubles the 1am hour. The only thing they suggest doing is removing any time marker commands (as above) that you might have in the middle of this extra-long hour.  Delete it in the Schedule editor. This may also have an adverse effect on your extremely small categories.

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