Importing Files From Within Zip Files

If you need to automate file downloads, but the source files are contained within a Zip file, use FileCopy to extract and import them.

1. Add a new FileCopy Job

2. Configure the Source to be File

3. Select the mode as Zip File

4. In the Zip File box specify either

a) the local location to the zip file. E.G. c:\test\
b) the full URL of the zip folder if downloading from the internet. E.G.
c) the zip file name if downloading from FTP E.G.

5. If you need to supply credentials to download the Zip file from an FTP or Internet location, select the relevant service from the Zip File Credentials drop down box, and then set the credentials in the relevant Source tab. Once set, click back to File tab

6. Click Multiple Files and specify each file that you would like to extract from the Zip File. if your file lives within a folder inside the Zip File then specify the path in the filename. E.G. \audio\file1.mp3

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