How To Play A File That Is Still Being Recorded.

PlayoutONE can play a file that's still being recorded by FileCopy. This is useful if you take Newscasts via Satellite but don't want to wait until the recording is finished to play them.

Setting Up FileCopy

  • Create a new job in FileCopy
  • Under the Source Tab, choose Recording as the source
  • Choose your Input device and setup the recording parameters to your liking.
  • Tick Record To Stream File and select the MP3 file you'd like to record to. This file can live on a network share or local drive, however PlayoutONE will need to access this. If you don't have an MP3 file yet created, you'll need to create one before doing this step.
  • The Rename and Destination tabs are not available when you choose to Record To A Stream File.
  • Finally set your Schedule in the Schedule Tab and add the job.

Playing The File In PlayoutONE

  • To play the file in PlayoutONE you'll need to setup a STREAM LOAD command in the format of STREAM LOAD FileToPlay.mp3 This can either be setup as a predefined command or scheduled through your Music Scheduling product.
  • When PlayoutONE comes to play this command, it will load the .mp3 file and start playing it from the beginning. PlayoutONE will then move onto the next item once it reaches the end of the file. 
  • Note that a wait command is not needed here as PlayoutONE will move on automatically once it reaches the end of the file.

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