Cloud Backup

PlayoutONE Cloud backup allows you backup your PlayoutONE Pro or PlayoutONE Standard Data directly to Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. 

Should something be scheduled in the PlayoutONE Pro Log and the audio becomes corrupt or missing before playback, PlayoutONE Cloud Backup can automatically rescue the audio. Similarly, if a user accidentally deletes or overwrites an audio file, PlayoutONE Cloud Backup retains the last 10 revisions of any file so you can restore the exact copy you want within seconds. Should your station ever be subjected to a ransomware attack, you can restore all of your files to another clean machine within hours not days.

Scott Clements from PlayoutONE Support shows you how to set this up, or you can choose to follow the document below.

Setting Up Cloud Backup

  • Open PlayoutONE Monitor and click Main Settings
  • Click Backups tab and then click Cloud Backup
  • Select your Source Directory. If your main data folder does not reside in C:\PlayoutONE or D:\PlayoutONE then select Custom and select the directory.
  • Select your Destination (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive Personal or OneDrive Business)
  • Upon selecting your destination, you will need to accept the PlayoutONE Cloud Backup terms and conditions. Type in your Name and Email, and sign the electronic terms emailed to you. 
  • Once signed, you'll be prompted to sign in to your cloud provider.
  • Once signed in, close the browser and go back to PlayoutONE Monitor. The Enabled toggle button should now be lit blue and you should see files beginning to upload.

Restoring Files

  • Open PlayoutONE Monitor and click Main Settings
  • Click Backups tab and click Cloud Backup
  • Click Restore Files button
  • Search for the file to restore. Right click to show the revisions backed up in PlayoutONE Cloud Backup.
  • Select the revision to restore and then wait 30 seconds. The file will be restored to the location from where it was backed up from.

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