Connecting PlayoutONE With Other Machines On Your Network

If you have more than one studio or want to share one PlayoutONE database with other PlayoutONE installations on your network then follow the steps below. 

NOTE: Each PC must have it’s own PlayoutONE license. You also need to choose which PC will be the MASTER. The master machine must remain turned on and connected to the network for other machines to use the shared Database & Audio.1. Choose which PC is going to be the master PlayoutONE machine. This may be a server or a PC

On The Server or Master PC

1) Go to your main PlayoutONE folder (usually C:\PlayoutONE) and make sure you share the folder. To do this: 

  • Right click on the PlayoutONE folder. 
  • Click Sharing Tab
  • Click Advanced Sharing
  • Tick the ‘Share This Folder Box’
  • Click Permissions button,
  • Make sure all three boxes are ticked under ‘Everyone’
  • Apply changes, and click OK on all remaining windows.

2) Open the PlayoutONE Application on the master machine and navigate to the PlayoutONE settings.

3) Change the Data, Audio & Playlists Path from C:\Playoutone to \\MASTER-MACHINE-NAME\Playoutone.
You can find out what your master machine name is by right clicking on ‘MY COMPUTER’ from the windows desktop, and choosing properties

4) Open PlayoutONE on the master and verify you can play audio and load playlists.

On The Client PCs

1) Go to the PlayoutONE settings and alter the Data, Audio & Playlists Path so that they match with the master settings.

2)  If you are using SQL, then change the SQL Server name to MASTER_SERVER_NAME\P1SQLExpress

3) Close PlayoutONE and re-open for the new settings to be applied.

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