Formatting Clocks For Natural Log & Natural Music

For Natural Music and Natural log you can't have spaces in your commands and so you need to swap out spaces for underscores _

You need to start each command with a double ampersand && for Natural Log.
You need to start each command with a double ampersand  && for Natural Music.
Commands are best entered directly into the clock/template rather than as a cart.

Traffic Merge

Natural Music: &&CMD=TRAFFICMERGE_20:00-24:00


Natural Music: &&CMD=SOFTMARKER_59:50

Specific UID

Natural Music: &&UID=1000 LegalID
Natural Log:  &&UID=1000 LegalID
Anything after a space in a command is not sent to PlayoutONE, so in the example above `LegalID` is just for reference only




If you want to set the chain to be on a STOP for a specific item, make sure that in Natural Log / Natural Music the cart or command referenced ends with a $ sign. 

E.G. in PlayoutONE Cart 123 would be 123$ in Natural Log / Music. 

E.G. &&CMD=LEGALID$ would make the Command LegalID stop. 

You'll also need to turn on the setting within Auto Importer to look for Chain Codes under Options Tab, Traffic Log tab (it applies to both music and traffic logs)

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