Stretching & Filling Sections Of The Log

PlayoutONE Pro has the ability to stretch portions of the Log to a set duration. The most common use of this is when you wish to make a commercial break fit into a specified duration.

To insert the stretch commands, right-click on the log, choose Insert->Marker-Stretch. You'll then be asked to type in your desired stretch duration. For example 03:00 for three minutes.

A pair of commands will then be inserted into the log in the form of a STRETCH START and STRETCH END. Insert the content you wish to be stretched between these two markers.

Stretch Threshold

You can control the stretch threshold (how far the stretch can actually go) by altering the setting Stretch Command Threshold under the Splits tab within PlayoutONE Settings. Default is set to 10%.


Stretch commands also have the option to ' Fill' if you do not have enough content to meet the desired stretch length. Insert the command STRETCH FILL immediately after the STRECH START. The parameters are

STRETCH FILL <Type or Category>=<DesiredType or Category>

For Example, 

STRETCH FILL CATEGORY=FILLERS will fill from the category fillers.

Finally, you'll need to enable Stretch Filling in PlayoutONE Monitor. You'll find this option in the Station Settings, under Miscellaneous.

Note: Audio Item lengths in the log will not change until the stretch command is activated in the log at time of playback. 

Filling Break Only If Commercials Have Been Scheudled

If you wish for a break to be only filled if commercials have been scheduled in the break by your traffic system, then add <$> onto the end of the STRETCH FILL command. For example, STRETCH FILL CATEGORY=FILLERS <$>

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