Resetting PlayoutONE Pro Licenses

Concurrent Licenses

PlayoutONE Pro works on a concurrent license system. By default, your license allows up to 5 concurrent PlayoutONE Pro connections to the database and 5 concurrent app connections (Auto Importer, FileCopy, LiveStream, Data Controller). When an application is closed, it releases the license connection it was using. You can see your current license connection count by viewing the License tab within the Main Settings of PlayoutONE Monitor.

Releasing Licenses

From time to time, if an application doesn't close down properly (due to a power problem or pc issue) the license it was using before the shutdown will not be released. Licenses that do not check-in within Monitor are released every 20 minutes automatically, however, sometimes you may not be able to wait for that process to happen. This is where you will need to release licenses manually to prevent license warning messages. 

To do this

  • Open PlayoutONE Monitor
  • Click Main Settings
  • Go to License Tab
  • Right Click in the concurrent connections window and choose to release all licenses or just the selected license.
  • Restart the application with a license warning.

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