Send Audio Levels From LiveStream to Monitor

LiveStream has the ability to pass the audio levels directly to Monitor so that these can be viewed within WebVT®. This is very useful when LiveStream is running on a different computer to Monitor and you have no way of getting the audio signal to Monitor via analogue or digital cables.


  • Open Settings
  • Silence & Emergency Tab
  • Tick Pass Audio Levels To PlayoutONE Monitor
  • Click Email Settings box
  • Choose Send Through PlayoutONE Monitor and fill in the SQLServer, Database and Multistation (if relevant).
  • Click Save


  • Open Station Settings for the station you wish to receive audio levels for
  • Alerts Tab
  • Under Silence Detection, select the Remote Monitor as the audio device.
  • You should then see the level meter start moving to show the incoming levels from LiveStream.

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