When you purchase a license for LiveStream you will need to set it to unlock LiveStream to make it fully featured.

You just need to entery your License Email and License Code here and click 'Apply License'. Providing your license is valid and not already activated on other machines then LiveStream will license and all features will be unlocked immediately.

If you want to release your LiveStream license to use it on another machine then you must release the license first by clicking 'Release License' and your license will be released. This does mean that all features will be revoked immediately, so do be aware of this.

'Minimise to the System Tray' tells LiveStream to go to the system tray when it is minimised, rather than just sitting on the task bar and getting in the way. To restore LiveStream from the system tray you just need to open the tray and double click the LiveStream icon. It will then restore to it's original size.

NOTE: If you are having trouble with licensing LiveStream after purchase then please get in touch with support@playoutone.com and we can assist you further.

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