Silence & Emergency

If you want to make sure any silence in your broadcast is dealt with then LiveStream can catch that for you should you wish. You choose the Threshold level, which you can see against the sound levels of any current audio.

Once you're happy with your sound level, which you can change anytime, you can then tick the boxes that you want to action any silence.

'If audio level goes below the threshold set above for more than x seconds, then play the file' will enable the detection of silence. You can change the value of the seconds to whatever you desire.

The audio file chosen will repeat itself until audio has been redetected, at which point it will fade out over a period of 2 seconds.

'Send E-Mail when silence is detected' will do just that as well as playing audio if you have set a file.

Clicking 'E-Mail Settings' will take you to the E-Mail section to fill in your credentials for that service.

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