DSP Plugins

LiveStream allows you to process your audio easily by effecting the audio chain without external intervention. This is done by using DSP's (Digital Signal Processor) and you add them into LiveStream simply in the DSP Plugin section.

You will more than likely want to start the sound processing when LiveStream starts up so make sure to tick the 'Start installed DSPs on clicking 'Save' and automatically on application start up'.

Adding a DSP

To add a DSP you simply click the '+' button and you will be presented with a file selector where you locate the file and click 'Open'.

Removing a DSP

To remove a DSP make sure the DSP you want to remove is selected then click the '-' button.

You can have more than one DSP, and LiveStream processes the very top one in the list first and then that processed audio feeds into the next DSP down and so on. You can move the order of DSPs by clicking the up and down arrows when a DSP is selected.

'Show Selected DSP' is active when the DSPs are running and clicking it shows the DSP config screen for the selected DSP.

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