Options Tab


Run Monitor Tasks Every Amount of time in seconds that Monitor should perform it's task checks.
Keep Recycled Items For Amount of time in days that Monitor should keep something in the Media Finder Recycle bin
Warn If Missing Audio Detected In Media Finder When enabled, Monitor will periodically check the Media Finder for any missing audio.
It will then email a list of items found without audio.
SQL Database Synchroniser  Allows you to synchronise certain SQL Tables within the database to another SQL Instance.
Useful for a backup server
Minimise Monitor To System Tray Minimises Monitor to the Windows system tray.

Hard Drives

Monitor Hard Drive Space Enables the checking of Hard Drives
Hard Drive List Shows a list of Hard Drives detected within the PC that monitor is running on.
Tick the hard drives you wish to Monitor.
Warning Threshold Warn when disk space goes lower than the percentage value.

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