License Tab

The license tab can provide you with all the details of your PlayoutONE Pro license. 

Name The licensed Organisation Name
Email The license email associated with the Organisation
Affiliate The affiliate associated with the License

Current License Connections

This table shows the current connected applications to Monitor. If you need to disconnect an application you can right-click on it within the table and choose to disconnect it. You sometimes may need to do this if all of your concurrent connections have been used. By default, Monitor will disconnect any applications that have not checked in with Monitor within a twenty-minute period. 

License Status

ID The PlayoutONE License ID
Status The current status of the license.
Count The number of concurrent connections this license will permit. This is divided up into two sections.
PlayoutONE: The number of PlayoutONE applications that can be open at the same time
Apps: The number of PlayoutONE Applications (LiveStream, FileCopy, AutoImporter etc) that can be open at the same time.
Multi Station The number of licensed Multi Stations this license permits. 
Expiry The expiry date of this license
Region The region the license is licensed to
Last Check In The Date/Time Monitor last checked in with the PlayoutONE License server. This is usually every 12 hours.
License PC The current PC that is designated to run Monitor on.
Virtual Machine Ticked if running in a virtual machine environment.
Satellite License Ticked if this license is a Satellite License. Satellite licenses carry restrictions on what they can and can't import.
They are designed to be listening to a Satellite Master, which feeds audio and Music / Traffic log files.

Licensed Products

Shows which products are licensed

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