Database Tab


SQL Server The SQL Server location. Default is localhost\p1sqlexpress
SQL Database The SQL Server database. Default is playoutone_standard

Data Backups

Audio & Data 
Enables the Audio and Data backup routine.
SQL Database Enables or Disables SQL Database backups. Default is switched on
Monitor Only When this option is checked, Monitor will monitor the data and backup locations and alert if they differ but won't actually copy any files. This is to be used when you use another process to do the actual backing up of the data but you still wish to be alerted of problems.
Main Directory The Main PlayoutONE Data location. This can be found within PlayoutONE Settings.
Backup Folder The Directory or where you wish the backups to reside
Delete From Backups Select in days for when items should be deleted from the backup. For example, if we delete a file on the 1st January, and we set this option to 14 days, it will remain in the backup until 14th January.
Alert Threshold Alert when the main and backup directories become different by the set percentage.
IPG Gap IPG (Inter Packet Gap) throttles bandwidth when backing up the main directory. A larger number uses less bandwidth whilst a lower number will use more bandwidth. Default is 0.8
Full Backup When pressed, Monitor will perform a full backup manually.
Backup SQL  When pressed, Monitor will perform a SQL Backup only.
Maintenance When pressed, Monitor will run its maintenance plan. Maintenance includes deleting old log files, audio and performing SQL optimisation.


On Turns on the WebVT® audio service. WebVT® Audio service is responsible for creating .opus and low quality .mp3 audio files for WebVT®.
Static IP Updater Turns on the PlayoutONE WebVT® Static IP Updater. This is to be used in conjunction with your address.
The WebVT® Static IP Updater runs every 3 hours and ensures your address points to your current IP Address.
Hostname Your address
Username <user>#PlayoutONE
Password The password supplied by PlayoutONE
Update Forces a manual update.

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