What Is Monitor?

PlayoutONE Monitor comes with the PlayoutONE Suite of programs and is your eyes and ears across your radio station. PlayoutONE Monitor assists with the following:


Monitor can alert if you are about to run out of Music or Traffic schedules. It can also check for any Missing Audio, low Hard Drive space, if certain applications have stopped running and whether your backups are out of sync to name just a few alert options.


Monitor is the gateway to sending out Metadata from PlayoutONE to third party services. 


Monitor handles all your audio and database backups. It runs incrementally on a four-hour schedule.


Monitor handles all licensing for PlayoutONE Pro which means you can install PlayoutONE Pro on as many machines on your computer network as you wish.

Email, Weather & Social Media

Monitor holds your Email, Social Media and Weather credentials so that other applications within the PlayoutONE Suite can access them.

Isolation Mode

Monitor periodically pushes the next 12 hours worth of log audio to your active on-air machine. In the event of a server failure, this allows the on-air machine to go into Isolation Mode. This allows the on-air machine to run from itself for up to 12 hours. 


Monitor is the first application to start when the server restarts, this allows Monitor to then bring up all other PlayoutONE Applications gracefully.

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