Setup an Encoder

To setup an encoder in LiveStream is cakewalk. Simply start by clicking on the 'Add New Encoder' button and you will be presented with the Encoder Settings form:

Then enter your station details. This is done in four parts:

1. Server Details

You can enter server details for ShoutCast v1 and v2 and also IceCast. Just choose from the Server Type dropdown the server you are streaming to. Then fill in the fields with the information you have from your streaming provider. You can choose the Bitrate, Sample Rate, Channels and Encode Type that you require. Remember to check with your streaming provider if you're unsure if they provide certain types of encoding.

2. Station Details

You enter here the details you want to appear and if you want the station to be public.

3. Meta / Billboard

This tells your encoder to override and not send any billboard information to the server.

4. Other

Allows you to specify if this encoder should start automatcially when LiveStream is started.

Once you are done you can click 'Save' and your encoder will appear in the list. You can edit the encoder by double clicking it on the list or selecting it and clicking the 'Edit Selected Encoder' button.

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