PlayoutONE Says 'Can't Connect To The Database'

Sometimes after upgrading PlayoutONE you may see the following message.

Try the following to correct the issue:

If you were using SQL before the upgrade:

  • Go to C:\PlayoutONE\SQLConfiguration and run the 'StartSQLService.bat' script.
  • Go to the services and ensure that SQLSERVER(P1SQLEXPRESS) service is running
  • Restart the PC
  • Check that the PlayoutONE_Admin account hasn't been deleted as this is needed to run SQL.
  • Check the Registry (HK_Current_User\Software\PlayoutONE\Settings) and that SQL Database, Username, Password, Server all match correctly. if unsure, delete them as PlayoutONE will re-create them with the default values.

If you were using Access before the upgrade:

  • All of the above
  • Go to C:\PlayoutONE and run the SQLFirstRun.exe and upgrade the access database again by choosing 'Upgrade Access Database'

If all the above fails, then please contact support.

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