FileCopy Introduction

FileCopy is a utility to help you import files from your network, dropbox, FTP Site, Internet and hard drive into PlayoutONE. 

Real world uses for FileCopy include:

  • Copying pre-recorded news bulletins from Dropbox into PlayoutONE every hour.
  • Importing pre-recorded shows from Dropbox or from an FTP Site each week.
  • Copying playlist log files from one network location to PlayoutONE Auto Importer every day.
  • Importing new songs onto the Playlist from a folder share on the music schedulers network share.
  • Recording Satellite News or Shows for playback in PlayoutONE afterwards. 

FileCopy can be setup to copy or move files. It can be set to work from a fully customised schedule that involves checking once a day, every minute or every hour. It can intelligently look for date specific files and rename them upon copy or move.

PlayoutONE FileCopy saves time and when combined with PlayoutONE Auto Importer can be used to automate all import routines for a radio station. 

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