Processing The Microphone

It's possible if the station holds a license with Stereo Tool (at least a basic license) then the voice tracks importing from WebVT can be processed using a stereo tool preset.

Setting The Processing Import Group

Duplicate your existing WebVT import profile in Auto Importer by clicking the duplicate button.

Change the Import Name and Import Directory path to be WebVT-Processed

Click the OTHER Tab, and tick the box 'Apply Audio Processing', then click the Settings box

If Auto Importer detects that Stereo Tool is installed it will pre-fill the Stereo Tool Command Line Exe path and Stereo Tool Preset File Path automatically, leaving you just to enter your Stereo Tool license key. 

When finished, click Save, and save the profile.

You should now have two WebVT Auto Importer profiles.

Finally, from the WebVT tab in PlayoutONE Pro, select the two profiles.

The option to process microphone will now be available to WebVT users from within the WebVT Browser Settings

When this option is selected, WebVT will import all voice tracks set to be processed through the WebVT-Processed Auto Importer profile.

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