Adding Users

Users may be created by going to the WebVT tab in PlayoutONE Pro and clicking the WebVT User Administrator button.

To get to the WebVT Tab, click Settings from within PlayoutONE Pro, and choose the last tab 'WebVT'

From here users may be deleted, added and altered.

Adding A User

Fill in the Username, Password, Fullname & VT Prefix

Note: VT Prefix must be unique for all users and can consist of letters only. VT Prefix is limited to 3 characters.

Users can have individual access to different parts of WebVT by ticking or unticking the Media Finder, VT Recording & Enabled box.

Media Finder: Prevents or allows a user access to the media finder,
VT Recording: Prevents or allows a user to insert a voice track.
Enabled: Prevents or allows a user to login.

Users can also be prevented from altering different hours and days by unticking selected hours in the Authorised Hours grid.

When ready, click ADD to add the user into the allowed list of VT Users. 

Modifying A User

Select the user from the list of users and click the Pencil icon. Edit as desired and click the UPDATE button.

Deleting A User

Select the user from the list of users in the users table and click the Trash can icon

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