Recording A Voice Track

Selecting A Recording Device

Once you have selected the hour you wish to record into from the calendar, click the Microphone button to begin voice tracking. The following box will appear.

Select your recording device from the drop down box and click Remember This Decision if desired. You should then see a red microphone at the top of the browser.

This shows that the browser is now ready to record. 

Recording A Voice Track

Click on the log where you wish to insert your voice track. Remember, your voice track will appear above this position.

When selected, click the Start Recording button or tap Spacebar.

Users will now hear the last 10 seconds fo the song the user is voice tracking out of.
If users have the  Start Recording Microphone Straight Away disabled then the Unmute Mic button appears. Users must click this to begin recording (or tap Spacebar)

To play the next song users can click the Fire Next button (or tap Spacebar)

When user has finished recording they can click the Stop Recording button (or tap Spacebar)

Upon clicking the Stop Recording button (or tapping Spacebar) the commit recording window appears. Users can choose to confirm or cancel the recording;

Once the recording is committed, the voice track is available for segue editing. In the background the recording is uploaded to the radio station via the upload queue. This flashes red until the operation is completed. Users must not close the browser until the upload has completed.


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