Media Finder

The media finder offers a convenient way to listen and insert new items into the log.

Users can Search as in PlayoutONE Pro, call saved bookmarks, or filter using Category and Type combinations. 
If search results produce more than 25 items then different pages of the search can be viewed using the pages dropdown.

Audio can be auditioned using the Play icon next to each item in the media finder. Searches may also be sorted by any of the columns on the top of the media finder simply by clicking the column name.

Inserting Audio

Simply click in the log where you wish to insert the item and then right click on the item you wish to insert from the media finder.
From the context menu choose 'Insert'

Audio History

Choosing Audio History from the right click menu shows the audio history for the selected item.

The selected song is shown using a * where as the artist is shown using a #

The current selected hour is show with a red highlight box around it.

The audio history window allows users to make an informed choice when inserting an item so they can be sure no clashes with the same song or artist will occur.

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