Once you have logged into WebVT you will be presented with the Live Station's On Air Log. From here you may perform a number of operations. 

Please Note: Currently WebVT is only supported on Firefox for Mac & Windows. Google Chrome users may experience audio recording issues. Currently WebVT is not supported on IOS devices. WebVT is only compatible with PlayoutONE Pro. 

The Tool Bar

From Left To Right 

Home Takes the playlist back to the current playing item in the station log.
Playlist Displays the playlist in full screen mode.
Media Finder Displays the media finder module.
Microphone Displays the segue editor and voice tracker module.
Refresh Refreshes the current on air log.
Settings Displays the settings window
Log Out Logs the current user out of Web VT
Media Cache Provides access to the Media cache downloaded from the station.
Upload Queue Shows the status of any voice tracks uploading to the station.
Calendar Allows the user to view other hours.
Total Time Displays the total time in the hour
Gap Time Shows the gap time to the next marker or end of hour.

Hour Jump Buttons

Displays the current selected hour and allows jumping to different hours within the same day. Next Hour and Previous Hour can also be clicked for convenience.

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