Isolation Mode


Isolation Mode in PlayoutONE Pro essentially takes away all the stresses and strains of restarting your Automation Server , allowing you to remain on the air whilst the restart happens. When the time comes to restart the main server, the On Air Studio can be pressed into Isolation Mode by following the instructions below. This effectively tells the On Air Machine to run from its own local SQL Server and use six hours of cached audio from its own local AudioStore.

Whilst in Isolation Mode, you’ll see a yellow triangle on the On Air Machine just next to the clock, this acts as a confirmation and warning you that you are now in Isolation Mode. On all other client machines, you will see a red triangle, indicating that the On Air Machine is in Isolation Mode. This is important as once Isolation Mode is enabled, no audio or log changes can be made to the main database. This is because the On Air Machine is now in charge and is constantly syncing back to the on air database what it’s doing, what it’s played etc to ensure no changes or data is lost.

Isolation mode is only designed for short periods of time, and takes away the need for having a CD, Spotify or YouTube. Once the server has restarted, the On Air machine can come out of Isolation Mode, and all changes are synced back to the main database. Warning triangles will disappear allowing you get on with your day!


Before you can run in Isolation mode make sure you have the considered the following:

  • Isolation mode only works when the On-Air Machine(s) is separate from the Server. 
  • On the On-Air Machine(s) make sure you have installed a copy of SQL Server Express from the main PlayoutONE setup, and that the playoutone_standard  database is installed. For help with this please contact our support team.
  • Make sure the C:\PlayoutONE or D:\PlayoutONE folder is shared with everyone on your network and permissions have been set appropriately so the server can read and write to this share. Once shared make sure the following folders exists in the share:

  • Make sure you have the latest PlayoutONE Monitor installed and configured as below

PlayoutONE Monitor

  • Ensure Monitor is running on the Server machine.
  • Make sure settings for Replicate Audio & Database are ticked.

  • Ensure SQL Server and SQL Database are also filled out along with the Monitor SQL Service box ticked.
  • Click Save.

You can now view the status of the replication by double clicking on the Monitor Status Box which will show the replication status window.

Enabling & Disabling Isolation Mode In PlayoutONE PRO

  • First check with Monitor that replication is running ok. Do this by following the steps above
  • Go into the PlayoutONE Settings and click the SQL tab
  • If Isolation Mode is available to you then you'll see the checkbox to enable it and also a button to enter Isolation Mode.
  • Once you enter Isolation Mode, you will see a yellow triangle on the On Air Machine and a red triangle on any other connected machines to the main database.

  • To leave Isolation Mode, PlayoutONE Monitor Must be running. This ensures all changes are synced.
  • Go Into PlayoutONE Settings and click the 'Leave Isolation Mode' Button

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