Configuring Live365 With LiveStream

Configuring Live365 and LiveStream is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

1. Open LiveStream and click the Add New Encoder button

2. In the Server Details tab fill out your Live365 information.

3. From the Station Details tab fill out your station details.

4. Click Save. You will now see your Live365 Encoder which can be turned on when ready.

Configuring Meta Data To Live365 from PlayoutONE Standard or Pro.

1. Click Settings 

2. In the Audio & Meta tab, tick Reverse Artist & Title 

3. In the separator box ensure you have [space] [dash/hyphen] [space].
* Please note when we type [space] we mean a space on the keyboard. When we type [dash] we mean a dash/hyphen as shown in the image below.

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